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6 things that may ease Fibromyalgia symptoms

I have been researching how to help ease my own Fibromyalgia symptoms. I am recently diagnosed but I know I have had it some quite some time now.

The fatigue is getting worse and the pain in my right SI joint, sciatica and cramps in my hands and feet are definitely the main problems at the moment.

Here are 6 things I am going to try and help ease my symptoms.

  1. Vitamins. I made a trip to Holland and Barrett over the weekend and have brought myself, Magnesium capsules, Ginger capsules, Iron and Vitamin C combination and Vitamin D. I don’t like pain killers if I can help it, I would much rather try a natural remedy.
  2. Exercise. At the moment the thought of hitting the gym is not happening. Pilates and yoga classes yes or at home depending if I am too tired to drive. The gym.. nope not while I am so tired and achy.
  3. Positive thinking. Keep up a positive mindset, I won’t let it get me down. If I do that then it wins.
  4. Meditation. It helps keep the body calm and relaxed. Do you know stress can increase the severity of Fibromyalgia.
  5. Listen to your body! Don’t over do it or push yourself, it will not help anyone, especially yourself. Even if you are having a ‘good day’, enjoy it, don’t think oh I’m feeling good today lets go and do a deep clean of your house. You will regret it. I have in the past, I decided to move around my daughter’s bedroom with help because I was feeling ok, I wasn’t ok for days afterwards. Lesson learned.
  6. Acupuncture. I see an Osteopath once a month. She does acupuncture as well as cranial massage which is really gentle. Acupuncture does help relieve the cramps and sciatica on a temporary basis.

Click links here to read why I take the vitamins listed above



Vitamin D

Iron & Vit C combo – Just help combat the fatigue.

* I have had blood tests so I know I am on the border levels of low and ok on both Iron and Vitamin D.


I am still learning what works for me and hopefully these tips may help you too.

Do you have any advice or tips for living with pain or Fibromyalgia?


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