About What Rachel Writes

Hi I’m Rachel, a 30 something mum of two girls aged 9 and 14. I am also wife to Mr B.

Both of her children have autism. They both experience high anxiety on a daily basis and something I want to write about. We are still working on travelling and having days out where we can keep there anxieties to a minimum.

I work as a Teaching Assistant which I enjoy. My job also allows me to be there for my girls before, after school and during the holidays.

We also have a pup. He is a Jack Russell x French Bulldog. Just to make my home even crazier! He is Mr C.

My loves are coats, bags, boots and books. I am interested in learning Reiki, Reflexology and hot stone massage to one day become a self employed holistic Practitioner. I also like to learn about crystals too.