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Book review – The Unwanted Guest

I’ve just finished reading The Unwanted Guest. 

The story is based in a hotel called Mitchell’s Inn which is in a very remote area where people go for a weekend away to chill out and relax. Not to die. 

Author: Shari Lapena

Wow that a book! A murder mystery is my favourite type of book and this one did not disappoint. I read it in two evenings, as I just couldn’t put it down, the author has you gripped by the end of the first chapter with the well written book allowing your imagination to take over making you want to keep on reading.

One morning after a violent storm a body of a guest is found. As one by one people are murdered the murder can only be a handful of people. Stuck in the middle of nowhere in a hotel and trapped due to a heavy ice storm all they can do is wonder.. who is it and am I next?  

Can the murderer be found before it’s too late?


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