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Do I really know what I want for 2020 career wise

My last post was me focusing on a change of career in 2020. I was adamant that I wanted out of being a Teaching Assistant. I wanted a full time administrative role that would see me earning more money. I don’t want to be a Teaching Assistant anymore, there is no career progress, I do not want to be a Teacher or a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

My job is course has it’s plus points, supporting the children, watching their progress and their individual personalities keeps me going in every day. I always said to myself though that once my children are older I would move on.Β  That time has come.

Job Searching

However it isn’t as easy as I imagined finding another job. There are literally hundreds of jobs out there I know, I must have sent out about 20 plus CV’s to various companies last week who were advertising for admin staff. I received two responses, both offering me an interview. What I didn’t realise until the weekend was, what a huge impact me getting another job with longer hours would have on my family and home life.

Miss M would have to stop her clubs after school as it’s me that takes her. Miss C would have to stop the gym as I go with her, due to Miss C’s anxiety, she is unable to attend the gym alone.

I wouldn’t see my children for long in the evenings. The thought of coming home at 6pm is not one that fills me with happy thoughts.

Miss M would have to attend an after school club for several days and Miss C would have to pick up on other days. This would be ok for a little while but not for hours every day and half terms, I would really miss the half terms with my kids.

Saturday night I was unable to sleep, I was over thinking and getting myself into a state about my job, money and wanting a career move, I wrote in my paper journal the pros and cons. The pros outweighed the cons significantly.

The only pro on going full time in an office was the money and the challenge of learning new skills.

I decided to turn down both interviews. What is the deal with working 9-5.30 or longer! I’m sure it was always 9-5 or 8-4.

For now

I still want a career change. I think an admin job term time only would suit me.

My head is feeling calmer since I pulled an all-nighter Saturday night and had a headache most of Sunday. Writing things down really does put things into perspective.

I am so grateful for what my job brings me, ok the money could be a lot better and I do want to move on career wise but for now, I will stay where I am until the right job comes my way.


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