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My blog and mindset for 2020

For many years I have had a negative mindset and my head has been in a muddle. I have suffered with anxiety, low self esteem, unable to make decisions on my own, OCD, and paranoia.

I have created probably about 5 blogs in the past few years which have all been deleted because I convinced myself I wasn’t good enough to write a blog. I have seen bloggers I started with fly, they are all doing so well and I am so pleased for them. A piece of my kicks myself and things I could have been like them.

However, it wasn’t supposed to be. I like to look at the positives, that the universe has it’s reasons why things do and don’t work out.

My OCD is a work in progress. I am a lot better now then I was. 2019 was a learning journey for me to look after my own mental wellbeing.

Recently I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which I wrote about here, again I am staying positive. I am going to keep myself as fit and healthy as possible, plus I do need to start listening to my body though and not push myself. Like most people I have a tendency to ignore myself and look after others. That has to change.

Looking ahead and my blog for 2020

I have a better mindset now. I am by no means 100% better but I am more self excepting of myself. My social skills are getting better and so the paranoia has eased too. I still have problems making decisions but that will hopefully get better.

My blog is my little online hobby, my place to off load my thoughts. It kind of keeps me sane, grounded, a bit like therapy. It’s the one thing apart from my hidden stash of chocolate that is mine!

I will continue to write when I can. I have missed it. One thing I have learnt is to put no pressure on myself to do more than I can. I can’t be falling asleep at work!

Reading blogs on Twitter is enjoyable but Instagram is my fav social media platform. Pinterest is a work in progress.

I am re-learning all over again when it comes to blogging. I feel like a newbie because I actually don’t remember much about how my old blog grew lol! But you know what… that’s ok with me.

Onwards and upwards!


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