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My holiday bucket list

There are not many places I want to see in the world. A few with my girls and a few just with my hubby.

My girls both have high anxiety and have autism. Some places I want to visit my girls don’t want to go or to be selfish, I want to experience without worrying about how my girls will react to noise, smells, senses etc. They want to stay with my mum. I am happy with that as I want them to be happy too. Sometimes it’s just nice to get away for a few days. Mr B and I went away on our honeymoon on our own for a few days to Morocco. I missed my girls dearly but it was also really nice to just shut off mentally for a little while.

Places to visit with my girls

  • Canada. Miss C wants to see the snowy mountains and hike. I am sure there is more to Canada then just this but it’s what Miss C wants to do.
  • Isle of Wight. As a child I went every year with my family. One year I want to take my family there too. I want to stay in Sandown and walk down memory lane showing my girls my memories.
  • Holland. Somewhere in the Countryside of Holland I have family who still own farms. I would like to track them down and visit them. My girls are really interested in our family history.
  • Bulgaria. Mr B has heard it is a beautiful place to visit and is child friendly with lovely beaches.
  • Cornwall. I have heard so much about how beautiful Cornwall is and it has some old towns too as well as lovely beaches.

Places to visit just with Mr B

  • Las Vegas. I so want to see the sights, the lights, eat all the huge amount of food and experience the night life plus the casinos. I am not a gambler at all so I am quite happy to watch.
  • Rome. I really want to visit the Vatican, the catacombs and be a proper tourist!
  • Venice. Before it disappears under water. I would probably visit Venice while in Rome and use a train. I just want to experience it.

My bucket list is small but these are places I really want to visit one day.


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