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The pup has turned one!

Ah Cooper what a blessing you have been. You have made our crazy life a little bit more crazy but we love you.

We had no idea how hard and time consuming having a puppy would be.

We had no idea that we would actually talk to you like you were going to reply lol! (hoping it’s not just us!)

We had no idea how worried you could make us when you had to spend a night in the vets after your standard neutering operation due to complications.

We never new how restricted our days out would be. It’s either bring you along or making sure we don’t leave you alone all day at home.

We never new how expensive keeping you would be (that’s my fault as I keep buying you treats and toys).

We never knew indestructible toys are not actually indestructible. Yes even a Jack Russell x French Bulldog can destroy them!

We never knew how much you could bring us together as a family. We now enjoy family walks at weekends and going to the park is a lot more fun now.

We never knew how much you help you would be with Miss M when she is stressing out or crying. You just know when she needs a cuddle, you calm her down just by laying with her.

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper!



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