What Rachel's thankful for

What I am thankful for December 2019

December was a fantastic month for me. I love the whole run up to Christmas as well as the whole festive season. I had two weeks of half term off work and I spent every single minute appreciating it and spending time with my family and friends.

Here are my top 5 things I was thankful for

  1.  No school or work for 2 weeks!
  2.  Lots of yummy food and drink (which means I need to stop eating the left overs lol)
  3.  Catching up with my family who live in Manchester
  4.  My car, for getting us out and about to make some wonderful memories
  5.  My friend B for being mummy number two to my pup. He stayed with her while we went away. My mum has a big dog and we didn’t want the two not getting along.

How was your December?


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