6 ways to find time for you

Life is busy right? Days/weeks can fly by and before you know it you are feeling stressed, unsure of yourself, self doubting everything and utterly exhausted. Can you relate?

A few months back I made a promise to myself that I would make time for me. Even 10 minutes to drink a hot drink can be challenging. Yes I have older children but having a teen and 9 year old alongside their high anxieties can seriously mentally drain me.

I have found 6 ways to focus on me. If I don’t look after myself, how can I look after others? Same for you too.

  1. Headphones and music. Yep when my two are occupied I will put in my earphones and listen to my fave music from my phone to give me a happy boost. I don’t play it too loud where I wouldn’t be able to hear them if they call me. Just enough to feel my ears with happiness.
  2. How about arranging that girly coffee catchup you are always too busy to make. Or that shopping trip you keep putting off. Go on your own or with a friend. Arrange that date! Get out there!
  3. I am all for meditation. I personally really feel the benefits of even 10 minutes meditation. Headspace is a good app that is designed to help guide meditation. I personally find people speaking distracting when I mediate. I like to listen to native tribal music or sometimes even silence.
  4. You can run that hot bath with bubbles flowing and gentle music with candles alight when the kids are asleep. Sounds like bliss right?
  5. Make time to give your wardrobe a really good clear out. I feel so happy and satisfied when I have chucked out clothes I know longer wear and give my wardrobe a general tidy up.
  6. Go for a walk, jog, run.. anything that gets you outside and feeling good. Exercise is proven to be mentally and physically good for our bodies.

How do you find time for you?

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