A new beginning

Starting a blog is not new for me. In fact at one point I had quite a successful blog. I attended a few events, reviewed toys with my girls and had a pretty good network of blogger friends.

I also suffer from anxiety and bouts of depression. My confidence is near enough non existent and I have a tendency to over think and compare myself to those extremely successful bloggers and just wish I was like them.

I like to think that I made the right choice at the time. I believe that things happen for a reason. I also believe that this time round I have a different mindset. I am not all for comments and stats. In fact I am not going to look at stats. I have no intention to grow my blog into a business. I don’t have the time.

I work full time and I have two kids. I don’t have time to sit down during the day when my kids are at school and write posts and be constantly on social media. My family life will always come first. I mean we have children to watch them grow, to be present in their lives for as long as possible, not to sit behind a computer screen or with our phones in our faces.

I decided I needed a break so I stopped blogging. Instead of taking a blogging break I went totally overboard and deleted everything. At the time it felt like the right thing to do. Looking back I wonder if it was the right choice, starting from scratch for me is a new beginning.

Now I have a chance to get back into writing, find new blogs to read and give myself a hobby. One where I can be honest and be myself without fear of judgement. The blogging community used to be a friendly supportive one, I hope it is still the same! Guess I’ll find out soon enough!


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