Crystals and beliefs

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love crystals. The colours, the feel of them and what they can give me energy wise. I do believe crystals have energies that can help us in many ways. Sleep and anxieties are big ones for me as I struggle with both and so do my children.

I like the energy of my home to feel relaxed and calm which at times, can be difficult having two autistic children in the house.

My youngest believes in the power of crystals, she has tourmaline in her bedroom, one on her windowsill and the other above her door frame to ward of negative energy. She also sleeps with two rose quarts tumble stones, one labradorite tumble stone and a moonstone. Labradorite is supposed to banish fear and insecurities, plus it relieves stress and calms the overactive mind which is definitely what Miss M has.
Moonstone has many benefits but for Miss M, it’s most powerful effect is the calming of the mind as she is a very anxious and emotional child, Moonstone has become one of the crystals that help her sleep.

I have a decent selection of crystals scattered around my home. Some I remember the names of and some I don’t. I do have several books that I can refer to should I need to. I quite often choose crystals to carry around with me on different days without knowing all their meanings, I just have a gut instinct that they are needed for me. I have tourmaline tumble stones above my front and back door to ward of negative energy as well as one raw rose quartz crystal and one amethyst angel sitting next to my salt lamp as you enter my living room.

Amethyst is another very powerful and protective crystal, I have various forms of this crystal. I have it as a pendant, tumble stone and as an angel statue. It helps dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety. It also helps with your digestive tract like irritable bowl syndrome.

Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal of love. It works alongside the heart chakra and helps with inner healing and self love. It draws off negative energy and replaces it with love.

My new beauty is a Howlite crystal tumble stone. Crystals don’t need to be big and bulky to give of it’s powerful energy.

Howlite is a calming stone. I place this stone in my pillow cover as it helps my over stimulated mind calm down so I can sleep. Keeping a piece in your pocket can also reduce anger and strengthens positive characteristic traits. It is also supposed to absorb anger that is directed at you.

Tourmaline is a very strong protective stone. As I said I do have several around my home above the doors and window sills.

So these are just some of my beauties.

Do you like crystals? Do you have any yourself? What do you use them for?

I have started to buy my crystals from a website called the Psychic Tree. This is not an ad nor is it an affiliate link. This is purely my recommendation.

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