My new crystal unit from Ikea

I have a brand new unit in my conservatory from Ikea so I can display most of my crystals! It also holds my crystal books and a few other bits that I can hide away in the grey canvas boxes plus Miss M’s arts and crafts box.

The unit is really sturdy and perfect for what I want to use it for. A great addition to the conservatory as Mr B doesn’t like clutter or shelves. I have already written about my love of crystals and beliefs here.

It has taken me quite a few months to convince him that a unit would sit nicely in the conservatory and not stand out.

It fits in perfectly!

Here are my gorgeous crystals in their new homes.

Amethyst cluster

Back: Tigers eye tower Front: Black tourmaline inside white quartz

Back : Ruby in Zoisite tower (Ruby is my birth stone) Front: Smoky quartz tower

Flourite crystal protected by a beautiful angel

To go with my Tarot and Oracle cards, I have placed my Palo Santo wooden incence stick wrapped with a Seleite crystal stick and lavender (from a girl love luna website) and my Azunite/Shungite pendulum.

Clear quartz crystal Smoky quartz crystal

Back: Blue Kyanite Dish: Various tumble crystals Heart: Que sera sera crystal White: Selenite crystal

Incense burner in a cauldrom (from girl love luna), candle from my mum saying ‘Daughters are a wonderful blessing from above filling our hearts with happiness, thoughtfulness and love’. Heart tray containing various crystal tumble stones.

My reference and learning books

Top shelf: My books Bottom shelf: Girls learing books and crafts box

I have so many beautiful crystals that I can now show off instead of just keeping to myself.

Ikea unit I brought is called Kallax shelving unit

Here are a list of websites I have recently used to purchase some of my crystals

Tumble stones, Angel and Wings Psychic Tree

Cauldron came from Girl-Love-Luna

Fluorite crystal and the Palo Santo incense with Selenite came from Luna Pearls Crystals

The crystal towers came from

The cards and other crystals I have brought from crystal shops in the past.

Please note this is not a sponsored post. All the links given are given in case you would like to use them yourself.

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