What I am thankful for November 2019

I can’t believe how quickly November went by.

I always find November to be a quick month, I think it’s because I am already Christmas shopping and preparing for December.

November was still a month to create some memories and a time to be grateful.

  1.  The beautiful colours that the leaves change to. I have a tree outside my house that produces some beautiful coloured leaves.
  2. The sunsets I can see at the back of my house most evenings. The colours can be gorgeous.
  3. The extension. We have been having friends over more often and having the extra space downstairs had made such a difference to out living space.
  4. Miss M’s progress at School. She had a positive report considering all her challenges. The Teacher said she always tries her best. I can’t ask for more than that.
  5. My heating. I have lived in a house before where we had electric storage heaters. I don’t cope well feeling cold and with Miss M’s raynaud’s phenomenon, it’s important our home is warm.
  6. The pup being fully toilet trained. He goes out into the garden on his own without me needing to follow when it’s super cold!
  7. My phone, to take photos everywhere I go.

What where you grateful for in November?

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